Why Workplace Art is a Good Investment – and Good Business

Why You Should be Curating a Meaningful Workplace Art Program

In art, it’s certainly true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We react to pieces differently based on our preferences, experiences and history. But beyond the perception of beauty and whether we like a piece or not, the right art can produce business results that are hard to ignore.

Brand & Vision: The True Value of Art

While there’s no magic formula, a strong workplace art experience should be guided by a clear vision and well-defined goals. That vision and those goals, which are almost always tied to a desire to use art to tell a compelling story about the brand, are what gives art its purpose, meaning, and value.

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Martha Weidmann, Why Workplace Art is a Good Investment – and Good Business, Workplace Design Magazine, 1/15/2020, https://www.workdesign.com/2020/01/why-workplace-art-is-a-good-investment-and-good-business/

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