About: Me

I use my camera like a painter uses a brush.  It moves, lingers, explores and dances with my subjects. 

While traditional photography generally captures three dimensions, my images explore the fourth dimension: time.  The results are painterly like creations that evolve traditional photography beyond the customary landscape. 

Mark Weller

Timestacking Photographer, artist and Wisconsin native Mark Weller started his professional career making films in Alaska.  In 1980 he moved to Madison, Wisconsin as Wisconsin Public Television’s senior producer creating documentaries for statewide and national audiences winning numerous national and statewide awards.  In 1992 he accepted a position at a telecommunications firm and retired as President and CEO in 2019. His avocation of photography manifested itself over 25 years ago and he specializes in timestacking.   Gallery Marzén says Mark’s “propensity for capturing movement and its relationship to his camera sets him far apart from other photographers in the region.”  As a lecturer and innovator, he was recently honored with an “M” award from Madison Magazine.  

Mark at the 2019 Promega Fall Art Showcase

Mark Interviewed Ahead of Solo Show in Lacrosse, WI