Mark and 2 Others Receive a Special Recognition Art Award

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An article by Renee Phillips, Founder, Director & Curator of Manhattan Arts International

As the curator of “The Healing Power of Elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire” 2023 juried exhibition I selected Beth Shadur, Barbara Brown, and Mark Weller to receive Special Recognition Art Awards and I am delighted to share this Featured Article about them. They deserve to receive our attention and acknowledgement for their many achievements and valuable impact on our lives.

During the curatorial process I visit all artists’ websites. These three artists caught my attention because they deliver vital and transformative messages through their art. Their many contributions include using their extraordinary artistic skills to raise awareness about our need to honor and protect nature and much more. Their intentions are in alignment with the mission statement of The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS which is to create positive change through art.


Mark Weller is an extraordinary photographer renowned for his innovative “Time-Stacking” photographs which provide a new way to view reality by adding the fourth dimension of time. His images often incorporate up to 100 multiple exposures “that are stacked and then intermingled into a final frame.”

In the past three years alone Mark’s photographs have been exhibited in 18 art museums and over 100 galleries world-wide including The Holy Gallery of London, UK and The Black Box Gallery of Portland, OR, among others. He is the recipient of 38 awards. His art has been selected for several juried exhibitions presented by The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS including “The Healing Power of Color” 2023 Exhibition and “The Healing Power of ART: Resilience” 2022 exhibition in which he won a Special Recognition Art Award.

Mark’s collectors span the globe and he offers his limited-edition photographs on canvas and paper. In addition to raising awareness about preserving our natural world Mark is also sensitive to the healthcare industry and its unique HIPPA requirements

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