About: The Work

All my images are of real places, but through “timestacking” they are transformed into an alternative way to view reality.  I use a couple of variations of the process, but my images are usually multiple exposures – oftentimes up to 100 – that are stacked and then intermingled into a final frame.  This allows my images to catch and accentuate movement and results in bold, saturated colors and shapes. It bends traditional photography and uses new technologies to give my photographs a look suggesting post impressionism and abstraction.  These painterly creations seek to alter the way one looks and experiences the familiar.

  • Timestacked photographs look best when printed on canvas.
  • All my works are limited editions of 50 prints.  Each is signed and numbered by me.
  • I typically finish the image in a black float frame.
  • My go-to size is vertical 38 inches by horizontal 60 inches.  These large and impressive images retail for $1900.
  • Smaller prints are available with a price adjustment. 
  • On occasion I have been commissioned to produce extremely large prints.  Those are uniquely priced to reflect production costs.
  • I am sensitive to the healthcare industry and their unique HIPPA requirements; so I can print on traditional photo-paper with archival cotton matting, glass and wood frame.  Prices vary based on size and framing material.
  • Overall, my prices range from $900 to $2500.