Art that heals and satisfies

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Today, healthcare interior design is increasingly guided by evidence-based concepts that create a healing environment where art, patterns of movement, exposure to natural light, colors, textures, electronic media, and more, all contribute to a sense of place that fosters confidence, comfort and healing.

In fact, the role of art in healing environments has been shown to positively impact:

  • Clinical outcomes such as length of hospital stay, intake of pain medication, depression associated with chemotherapy, dialysis, and other invasive treatments; mental healthcare treatment times; operative recovery times; and biological markers like blood pressure and heart rate;
  • Patient-, family-, and employee-based outcomes such as patients’ rated levels of perceived pain, patient and employee satisfaction with healthcare services, working conditions including employee turnover and missed days

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Image at top of page – Seasons of Wisconsin, by Barbara Westfall Art Glass Design. Project: Tomah Health – Tomah Memorial Hospital lobby reception area.

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