Women’s anxiety in cervix exams reduced

Research found that over four fifths of 50 women undertaking colposcopy (cervical) examinations said that having visual art present “greatly improved their anxiety and experience” of the procedure. The digital art installation in the women’s outpatients’ department includes screens showing films of natural landscapes, wildlife and towns, and were installed to provide “distraction” for women while they undergo what can be an “uncomfortable” examination, says the hospital.

It also found that 16 out of 19 clinical staff working in the children’s emergency department noted that zoo-themed digital art, showing moving images of animals, improved young patients’ anxiety, while 15 out of 19 clinicians said it decreased their pain.

These recent findings add to prior research completed by CW+ in 2004, which found that the use of art and music made a positive impact on certain patients, such as women in labour, those having chemotherapy or undergoing surgery.


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